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Ouix, a young Milanese company, presents its first catalogue: born with a clear objective, aimed at the creation and marketing of objects, for the most part as-yet unseen, configured around the tensegrality concept and designed by the italian architect Gerardo Moccia, who for many years has been researching tensegral design applied on the small scale of furniture.

X Design

The X design recalls a simple motif, the X, used by a generation of architects, who in the early forties and for more than a decade, in an attempt to innovate the Italian furniture, used X-shaped legs for tables, desks and armchairs, searching for the frugality of form with the elimination of the unnecessary.


Lines and boundary lines reveal the volume and reduce the mass of each object, forming an interplay of levels and intersecting lines. Xdesign emphasises the lines of which it is made up, putting them at the centre of the object.

Products catalog

Tavolino 2IO
3.022,25 $ 2.417,34 $ Iva esclusa

Tavolino YO
1.747,28 $ 1.398,29 $ Iva esclusa

Scrivania 2IO
2.770,98 $ 2.217,25 $ Iva esclusa